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Jealous Girlfriends Q&As

Have you ever heard a guy ask, “How can I deal with my jealous girlfriend?” This is an incredible common problem that many guys have to deal with. Many women who men are dating become jealous and it really impacts the relationship. You probably know a guy whose relationship has ended because his girlfriend became jealous. There are tons of these types of issues that guys deal with all of the time.

Women, by nature, are protective beings. They have the potential to become very focused on single things and want to protect them. They can be very jealous if what they want to protect is getting out of their control. It helps to see it as a control issue. Many women want to control men, for good and bad reasons. Jealous girlfriends all have similar things in common, they want to be in charge of their man. If a guy did exactly what a girl wanted him to do at all times, there would be very little possibility of jealousy. But this is impossible. No man could do it even if he tried. Why would you want to anyway? But at least it is helpful to understand where the jealousy comes from. It comes from a wanting to control and be in charge.

With that being said. There are sometimes good and bad reasons for women to become jealous girlfriends. Their jealousy could be real or imagined. Only you truly know if their feelings of jealousy are based in reality or if they are just making things up. But it actually doesn’t matter. If you are messing around with other girls or you are not, you have to deal with the jealousy in almost the same way.

First thing to do is to acknowledge it. Many guys try to avoid the confrontation and see if they can skirt the issue. If a guy takes it head on, it is much easier to deal with. It also prevents it from getting bigger. A guy should tell his girl that he knows that she is jealous and discuss why. You are already going to be doing well if you are recognizing her emotions. Women want to know that their man understands their feelings, so tell them you know she is jealous. The next part is that you say you understand why. You have to let her know about how the jealous stems from her wanting to care for you and protect you. That puts the jealousy in a good light. She will implicitly agree with you because she wants to think her jealousy is a good thing.

Once you have opened the issue and recognized it, you can soothe her by whatever means necessary. If you can prove her jealousy is false, then you might try to do so, very delicately. If not, then you just say you understand. This will prevent your current girl from becoming a jealous ex girlfriend. Now you know what to do when a guys asks about ‘my jealous girlfriend.’ | RSS | Sitemap
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